What To Do During An Invisalign Emergency?

Having an Invisalign can help make your life so much easier. It will help you gain confidence whenever you smile and help improve your oral health. But things won’t always be as good as you want them to be. Sometimes, something terrible happens to your Invisalign and causes you so much distress or discomfort.

In this blog, we will discuss four different unfortunate scenarios that could happen to your Invisalign and how to deal with them.

Problem #1: Your Aligners Are Hurting You

This is a fairly common problem among Invisalign wearers. The edges of the aligner can be quite sharp and may hurt your gums and cheeks whenever you wear it. It can cause so much discomfort and may even lead to minor bleeding or sores, especially when you allow it to go on for a long time.

A short-term solution would be to get a nail file and slowly smoothen the edge that is hurting you. Be careful only to blunt a small part of your Invisalign. You might end up damaging your aligner if you are not being cautious! If you happen to have orthodontic wax, you can use this instead. It will not only prevent damage to your aligner but also ensure you will feel the comfort you deserve even when wearing your Invisalign.

Don’t forget to do some first aid for your mouth injuries. If you develop sores, make sure to gargle with warm salt water to prevent further infection. If you have some gel or cream for mouth sores, go ahead and use them so that your wounds will heal much more quickly.

Problem #2: Your Aligners Got Cracked

Sometimes, you are so used to wearing your Invisalign that you forget you are wearing them. One day, while looking for ways to enjoy yourself, you found some extra crispy tacos. Or better yet, an entire bag of crispy fried pork rinds. You bite into it, and to your horror, you hear something crack from within your mouth.

Such a blunder is quite common among Invisalign wearers. The aligners have become too invisible even to be noticed by their owner, and the golden rule of “remove your Invisalign before eating” gets easily forgotten. When this happens, carefully remove your aligners and check the extent of the damage. Small, minor cracks can still render your Invisalign wearable. Just don’t forget to blunt any sharp edges with a nail file or orthodontic wax. However, if your aligner becomes irreparably damaged, call your orthodontist immediately. This might affect the progress of your treatment plan and is thus considered a medical emergency in its own right.  It can be worse than other types of emergencies like a plumbing leak or electrical outage.

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Problem #3: Your Aligners Get All Sorts of Funky Colors

Now, this does not constitute any sort of emergency that can actually harm you. It is more of an aesthetic concern if anything. But although this is just a minor thing, it can affect your daily life. It may have negative effects on the confidence that you have in yourself, especially when having to interact with other people.

One of the causes of aligner discoloration is the intake of food and fluids that can potentially stain it. Again, an outcome of the wearer forgetting to remove their Invisalign before eating and drinking. Truth be told, removing one’s aligners can be quite a hassle, especially when you only need to drink a few gulps of, say, coffee. But you need to develop some form of discipline so that you will be able to wear your Invisalign with no problem at all.

If your aligner is already stained, you can buy a retainer cleaner to lessen the discoloration while also disinfecting it. Make sure also only to wear your Invisalign after you’ve gargled or brushed your teeth.

Problem #4: You Lost Your Aligners

This is, hands down, the most common problem that Invisalign wearers have. Forgetting where you placed them, or maybe even accidentally throwing them out can severely affect your treatment, and complicate things in the long term. Should this happen, immediately contact your orthodontist. They can advise you on what to do in the meantime while you’re waiting for your new aligners. When you get your new set of Invisalign aligners, it is best to buy a dedicated container to store them when you are not wearing them.

Get Help From an Experienced Orthodontist to Fixed Your Invisalign Emergency!

Rest assured, every problem you encounter with your Invisalign has a solution. It’s important to bring up any concerns you have with your dentist to address them properly. However, emergencies can happen when your orthodontist’s clinic is closed. In such cases, it’s best to know some quick fixes to address the problem temporarily.