How to Overcome Anxiety?

Dealing with anxiety may be difficult but not impossible.

Recent studies have shown an alarming increase in the number of people facing some form of psychological issues such as Anxiety and Depression. Overcoming such problems is not easy because there aren’t any concrete medicines to completely eliminate the psychological issues. However, with some practice, you can surely overcome anxiety because they … Read more

How to Encourage Independent Play for Kids?

Kids child boy sitting on a lake side

Kids love to play but only under the supervision of their parents. It is hard for parents to let go of their kids who cannot differentiate between the good and bad, healthy and harmful. While the parents want some time to relieve themselves, kids on the other hand want to invade their … Read more

How To Maintain Good Posture While Working On a Computer?

Developers in the middle of work

We are living in a time where we have to sit for hours in front of a desk, working on a computer. Since we were kids, no one has actually told us about the correct way of sitting on a chair and using a computer. Late down the road, we develop several … Read more

Tips For Learning Chess Quickly

Chess is a great game that tests your strategical thinking and tactical planning. Believed to have originated in India around the 6th Century, it is a game that is now known around the world by almost everyone. And it’s a very interesting game at that. Two armies represented by various differently designed … Read more

Tips For Learning A Language Fast

A Kanji book

Language is one of the most amazing things mankind has developed over time. We alone remain a species that can communicate so effectively and deeply using just sounds we emit from our mouths. And naturally, like art, cuisine, and music, language is another part of culture that was unique to each land. … Read more